Fundación Antonio Núñez Jiménez – La Habana, 9 February 2018

Join Dr. Michael Connors and Liliana Núñez Velis, President of Fundación Antonio Núñez Jiménez, in La Habana for the presentation of:



When envisioning Cuba, images of 1950s American cars, historically significant architecture, pristine isolated white sand beaches, and Buena Vista music ensembles come to mind. But, for those who venture beyond the capital city of Havana, there are the dramatic landscapes and tobacco fields of the island’s western province, Pinar del Río; and the tourist-free eastern mountainous provinces of isolated and undiscovered colonial towns and villages suspended in time.

Even though the current administration in the United States White House is attempting to reverse President Obama’s 2014 travel directives, both individual and group travel is still legal. In addition, Cuba remains the safest place in the Americas!  It is a perfect time to visit before the floodgates open – visit Cuba is now.


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The Splendor of Cuba – An Architectural Retrospective Half-a-Millennium in the Making

A one-hour documentary for broadcast television also suitable for webcasting, downloading as digital movies and retail sales. The program will highlight historic Cuban architecture and interior design from the first structures built around 1500 to the present. Cuba is the only Caribbean island showcasing every example of traditional classical architecture, a collection that has been called the most beautiful and significant in all the Americas.

The program will be hosted by Dr. Michael Connors, a celebrated authority on Cuba, its art, culture, and history.

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Our Man In Havana – An Evening With Michael Connors

La Guarida, Havana

Wednesday, March 16, 2017 – Leaving my favorite restaurant, La Guarida, with our fearless leader, Michael Connors (on the left) and our group… with a little attitude! One more trip is planned from April 17-23, 2017 for Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts. There are a few spots still available, if interested.

🇨🇺 — with Michael Connors, Kate Millard, Viola Tagliatela, Abigail Collier Floe, Stephen Tagliatela and Ana Daniel.

Architectural Wonders: The Splendor of Cuba featured in The Avis

Michael Connors Delivers Tory Burch Children’s Uniforms to School in Old Havana

Michael Connors delivered Tory Burch children’s uniforms to Sister Teresa’s School in Old Havana. Pictured below is Michael Connors and some of the happy children who received those uniforms.


The Roseway Arrives in Havana Harbor with 22 US High School Students

The US tall ship ‘Roseway’ arrived in Havana harbor on Tuesday, October 25, 2016 carrying 22 US high school students for a semester-at-sea program.

Unknown Treasures: Art and Architecture in Cuba Today

Unknown Treasures: Art and Architecture in Cuba Today

Visiting Ernest Hemingway’s Cuban Home

Michael Connors visited Ernest Hemingway’s Cuban home, Finca Vigia, to donate baseballs to the neighborhood little league team.


Pictured with Coach Jorge, team coach, and Oscar “Cayuco” (the Homerun Kid) Blas, the last surviving member of the original baseball team “Estrellas de Gigi.”

Unwind Magazine – Paradise Found


Center for Architecture – Sarasota, FL

Center for Architecture - Sarasota

ID Collection’s Havana Modern Event


Los Angeles Times: A Cuba Tour Guide With An Expert’s Eye On Art And Architecture


The Magazine Antiques: Saint Croix, Virgin Islands


Antiques & Fine Art Magazine: Caribbean Houses


Presentacion del libro “Caribbean Houses”


Presentacion del libro “Caribbean Houses”, por autor Michael Connors en la Basilica Menor del Convento de San Franisco de Asis Havana, Cuba


Lecture & Book Signing


Author Michael Connors with Colonial West Indian furniture aficionados Dr. Henry Haye and his wife Vanara at David Skinner Antiques, Charleston, South Carolina.

A Breeze Blows Through the Drawing Room

A Breeze Blows Through The Drawing Room

by David Colman,
The New York Times 

New York Author Seeks Bermuda Homes And Antiques for New Book

Michael Connors @ Dallas Design Center