Caribbean Houses: History, Style & Architecture


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Caribbean Houses: History, Style, and Architecture

We think of Mike Connors as a furniture man. We can still see the several rooms where he stored finds that always had a bit of dash to them. He clearly likes furnishings that have some intricacy. It’s easy to see why he likes Caribbean Houses, his journey back to imperial times when he explores the great houses still remaining from the era when the great European powers vied for outposts and power in the Caribbean. In fact, the luscious houses he pictures in his book are giant pieces of furniture in themselves, of beautifully tinted colors on the outside, every nook in and out covered with ornamentation which Connors chats about in loving detail. Probably the lesson for the present age in all of this is that we can rethink the fenestration of our own dwellings with great profit. The blank impassive surfaces favored by unimaginative developers, real estate magnates, and banal architects do not comport with those who celebrate and strive for warm domesticity which is all about details. Such architecture is more conversational. (11-25-09)