The New York Times Art Leaders Network Conference Recap

Publicized, as “A Summit for Innovators and Experts” The New York Times Art Leaders Network Conference held in Berlin, Germany, April 25th and 26th was a spectacularly successful event with speakers and attendees from 40 different countries.

Art historian Karolina Stefanski and artist Ai Weiwei.

The purpose of the invitation-only event was to bring together prominent museum curators and directors, gallery owners, artists, collectors, auction house executives and experts to examine and discuss the art world. This was the event’s first year, and The Times assembled an impressive list of speakers. To name only a few were artists Ai Weiwei, Jordan Wolfson, and Alicja Kwade; museum directors Glenn Lowry (The Museum of Modern Art, New York), Tristram Hunt (Victoria and Albert Museum, London), Markus Hilgert (Museum of the Ancient Near East, Berlin), Gary Tinterow (Museum of Fine Arts, Houston), Daniel Weiss (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York), and Michael Govan (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). Among the many other speakers who hosted and participated in discussions were curators Ann Temkin (Museum of Modern Art), and Navina Haidar (The Metropolitan Museum of Art); and auction house chairmen, Marc Porter (Christie’s), Edward Dolman (Phillips), and Amy Cappellazzo (Sotheby’s); and a number of gallery owners and directors, collectors, art dealers, and New York Times journalists.

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Florida Weekly, “Cuba 101: Local ‘Caribbean-ophile’ dishes on U.S.’s southern neighbor”

Excerpt: Cuba, a land of swaying palm trees and rum so dark you couldn’t see them through your glass, captures the imaginations of Americans as a forbidden tropical Eden waiting to be rediscovered. For those who want a taste of what lies behind the now-penetrable curtain that hangs between our countries, design expert and Caribbean-ophile Michael Connors presents his books, “Havana Modern” and “Cuba 101: Beautiful & Nostalgic Places to Visit,” at 4 p.m. Monday, April 30, at Jett Thompson HOME, presented by Stay in May.

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A revealing collection of astonishingly fresh and undiscovered midcentury architecture and interiors in Havana. Caribbean design expert and historian Michael Connors leads the reader on an unprecedented tour in Havana of the stunning and architecturally important private homes and buildings that have been meticulously preserved, previously unphotographed, and mostly inaccessible to visitors.

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