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The Splendor of Cuba – An Architectural Retrospective Half-a-Millennium in the Making

A one-hour documentary for broadcast television also suitable for webcasting, downloading as digital movies and retail sales. The program will highlight historic Cuban architecture and interior design from the first structures built around 1500 to the present. Cuba is the only Caribbean island showcasing every example of traditional classical architecture, a collection that has been called the most beautiful and significant in all the Americas.

The program will be hosted by Dr. Michael Connors, a celebrated authority on Cuba, its art, culture, and history.

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Michael Connors Delivers Tory Burch Children’s Uniforms to School in Old Havana

Michael Connors delivered Tory Burch children’s uniforms to Sister Teresa’s School in Old Havana. Pictured below is Michael Connors and some of the happy children who received those uniforms.


The Roseway Arrives in Havana Harbor with 22 US High School Students

The US tall ship ‘Roseway’ arrived in Havana harbor on Tuesday, October 25, 2016 carrying 22 US high school students for a semester-at-sea program.

Visiting Ernest Hemingway’s Cuban Home

Michael Connors visited Ernest Hemingway’s Cuban home, Finca Vigia, to donate baseballs to the neighborhood little league team.


Pictured with Coach Jorge, team coach, and Oscar “Cayuco” (the Homerun Kid) Blas, the last surviving member of the original baseball team “Estrellas de Gigi.”

Los Angeles Times: A Cuba Tour Guide With An Expert’s Eye On Art And Architecture


Michael with Oscar “Cayuco” (the Homerun Kid) Blas


“During Havana, Cuba’s 15th International Ernest Hemingway Colloquium I met with Oscar “Cayuco” (the Homerun Kid) Blas, last surviving member of the original “Estrellas de Gigi“.

Michael with Wayne Smith, former Chief of Mission at the US Interests Section in Havana


“Off to Cuba on American Airlines w/ Wayne Smith, former Chief of Mission at the US Interests Section in Havana (equivalent to an Embassy where no formal diplomatic relations exist) under President Jimmy Carter from 1972 to 1982.

15th International Ernest Hemingway Colloquium


Krispen Home Welcomes Caribbean Design Expert & Historian Michael Connors – May 5th

Connors Invite

Connors at one of his Naples book-signings w/ John Parke Wright IV, a sixth generation Floridan whose ancestors pioneered trade between Cuba and the US from the 1850s


Willem Marx, correspondent for Bloomberg TV interviewing Connors in Havana

Bloomberg TV interviewing Connors in Havana

The Writer’s Domain 2015 – January 29, 2015


A Magazine – Season’s Readings


Ivan Vergara, director of F.A.C. (Fabrica de Arte Cubano) with Connors in Havana

photo 1-2

Ricardo Porro, one of Cuba’s greatest mid-twentieth century architects passed away in Paris


Ricardo Porro, one of Cuba’s greatest mid-twentieth century architects passed away in Paris on December 25, 2014

More information can be found here.

Cuban Art News


Michael Connors in St. Croix (Havana Modern)


Undercover Books, St. Croix Presents Michael Connors & Havana Modern


L’Officiel Paris – Havana Modern Feature


Opus Habana