Michael Connors lecture

Michael Connors can be booked for a vast array of lectures and events throughout the year. Connors’ lectures focus on the topic of the Caribbean islands and include history of the Caribbean, Caribbean architecture, Caribbean fine and decorative arts, and the material culture of the Caribbean islands. Beautiful photographs are featured in the PowerPoint presentations, which are generally tied-in with a book-signing event, highlighting one of Connors’ current books.

Connors is a frequent guest lecturer at different venues, including museums, educational and retail institutions throughout the United States, the Caribbean and Europe.




MCI has earned a reputation as a versatile, go-to resource for everything associated with the Caribbean islands. Michael Connors’ unique background combines the expertise and development of a wide variety of Caribbean related resources, including fine and decorative arts, island product, and travel marketing. MCI has been serving private collectors, architects, interior designers, facility management groups and end consumers.

MCI collaborates with clients to design, innovate and create new concepts that reflect a distinctive sensibility tailored to the needs and identity of each individual or group. Today, MCI offers practical solutions and equips commercial properties and private residences with a Caribbean flair that is unique in aesthetic and quality. The collaboration with collectors, art and antique dealers, niche manufacturers, and retail institutions enables us to be the sole solution for everything from architectural details, interior design and decoration, antique and reproduction furniture to unique antique decorative items, books, and accessories in the West Indian style of any era anywhere in the world.

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